Best Low Carb Pancake Recipe That You Will Want Over and Over

low carb pancake recipe

The keto diet has become very popular and for good reason. There are many foods that you can have on the keto diet that would never be available to you on any other diet. The low carb pancake recipe allows you to eat fats and proteins and just asks that you remove most of the carbs from your diet. This means that you can eat well and not feel tired and starved all day when you are on the keto diet.

The keto diet was originally developed to treat seizures disorders but it was quickly discovered that it offered lots of great weight loss benefits.

If you have ever dieted and been frustrated because it was so hard to stick to your diet due to the exhaustion and the hunger, then the keto diet is for you! If you have always dreamt of dieting and being able to eat dessert, breakfasts and other yummy foods, the keto diet will be the answer to your prayers!

One of the best parts of the keto diet are the great breakfasts that you can eat. Bacon is on the keto diet. What other diet lets you eat bacon? If bacon is not your thing and you still think you can’t do the keto diet because you will be missing out on pancakes with your breakfast, you would be wrong! There are lots of ways to make pancakes keto friendly and this low carb keto pancake recipe will make you wish you had known that it existed sooner!

Keto pancakes can be light, fluffy and totally delicious. If you have been looking for the right low carb pancake recipe to save the day next time you want to have a traditional pancake breakfast, then this recipe is for you!

Best low carb pancake recipe guide

To make really good low carb pancakes recipes, make sure that you purchase a high-quality almond flour. Low quality flour will just make gritty pancakes or they will not have enough flavor. Using a quality sweetener is important too so that the taste of the pancakes is right. If you want to top this recipe with fruit or other standard pancake toppings, feel free but do remember to check how many carbs they will add to your meal. There are really good keto-friendly whipping cream recipes out there as well, if whipped cream is your topping of choice.

Always make sure to check that your syrup is not going to throw off your carbs for the day as well. Things like condiments and toppings on desserts and breakfasts can really add up, so just be sure you factor those things in. These pancakes are so good, however, that your probably won’t even mind eating them plain!

Low-Carb Keto-Friendly Pancakes

These pancakes only have 4 carbs and are so scrumptious that you will not believe that they are so healthy! You will probably never even want to have unhealthy pancakes ever again! These pancakes are so good your whole family will love them too! Prep time is 5 minutes. Cook time is 10 minutes.


  •         2 large eggs
  •         1 tbsp water
  •         2 oz cream cheese
  •         2/3 C almond flour
  •         1 tsp baking powder
  •         ½ tsp cinnamon
  •         2 tsp vanilla
  •         ½ tsp sweetener
  •         Low carb syrup
  •         Butter


  1. Put ingredients in blender. Layer with eggs and water and cream cheese at the bottom.
  2. Blend until the mix is smooth.
  3. Let sit for 2 mins.
  4. Heat up skillet over medium heat.
  5. Use 3-4 tbsp of batter per each pancake.
  6. When bubbles form on the top of the pancake, flip and cook until browned on both sides.
  7. Use up all batter.
  8. Serve with butter and syrup and enjoy!

Keto Whipped Cream

If you want to add a little deliciousness to your pancakes, this easy recipe will do the trick!

low carb pancake recipes
low carb pancake recipes


  •         2 C Heavy Cream
  •         2 tsp erythritol
  •         1 tsp vanilla


  1. Make sure the heavy cream is not frozen.
  2. Pour 2 C into a mixing bowl.
  3. Add 2 tsp of erythritol to the cream
  4. Use hand mixer to slowly whip
  5. Whip until you can form soft peaks.
  6. Stores for 3 days in a Tupperware or use right away and
  7. Enjoy this low carb pancake recipe.

Cook time is 10 minutes. Total time with prep is 11 minutes. 103 Calories, 0 carbs.

This low carb keto pancake recipe keeps really well when frozen as well, so make pancakes ahead and freeze them. This way you will have delicious breakfasts all week! Almond flour can get gritty when it is not frozen, so any pancakes that are in the fridge should be eaten within two days of being made.

This recipe can easily be double or tripled for larger groups. Works best to make in batches due to the first steps of the recipe needing to be blended carefully. Simply make batches one at a time and you can have as many low carb pancakes for as many people as you want to make them for!

This yummy recipe will become a household favorite and your family will ask for you to make it all the time! You will be so glad that you switched to this healthy recipe as you lose weight and don’t miss out on any of your favorite foods! The keto diet can be delicious and your whole family can eat healthy along with you!

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