The Best Keto Batter Recipe For Those With A Sweet Tooth On Keto

keto batter recipe

Sticking to a diet can be tough. Regular diets make you give up so many foods and they are not at all satisfying on a day to day basis. For many people, cravings and lack of energy make them cheat on their diet all the time. Here you are going to learn keto batter recipe.

If you have ever felt like this was the case with you, you are in luck! The keto diet allows you to eat many of your favorite foods while still losing weight! The keto diet limits your carbs and allows you to eat fats and proteins. This means that many delicious foods are on the diet, including many desserts!

If you have a weakness for yummy treats, the keto diet will keep you from ruining your diet by allowing you to eat your favorite treats without guilt! If batter is one of your favorite cooking mediums, these great keto batter recipes will make sure that you are well taken care of while you are sticking to the keto diet!

Always remember that you get a set amount of carbs each day, so plan accordingly if you want to eat a bunch of your delicious battered foods that you are going to make! Always make sure to have keto safe dips and ketchup on hand as well. Having the right condiments on hand will make sure that you don’t accidentally eat too many sugars in a day. There is a surprisingly large amount of sugar in many dips and sauces!

Best Keto Batter Recipe to Make

Keto Battered Fish

This yummy classic is a great example of a keto batter recipe that will make you wish you had known how to make it sooner! This is just as good as restaurant batters and you will not have to feel any guilt about enjoying eating it!


  •         2 lbs white fish
  •         ½ tsp salt
  •         2/3 C almond flour
  •         ¼ C unflavored protein powder
  •         2 tsp baking powder
  •         2 eggs
  •         1/3 C sparkling water, cold
  •         Lemon wedges for garnish


  1.       Cut fish into uniform pieces.
  2.       Put on a tray and sprinkle with salt to taste.
  3.       In large bowl, mix the rest of the salt with the almond flour, the protein powder, baking powder and then whisk together.
  4.       Add eggs and sparkling water and combine well.
  5.       Heat deep fryer to 355.
  6.       Dry fish off with paper towel.
  7.       Dip into the batter and let excess drip off.
  8.       Lower carefully into hot oil.
  9.       Flip fish and cook until golden brown, for about 7 minutes.
  10.       Drain in fryer basket and then cool on a cooling rack.
  11.       Make all fish the same way.
  12.       Let cool and serve with lemon wedges.
  13.       Enjoy!

Keto Onion Rings

This classic recipe is a great keto batter recipe that can be used for more things than just onion rings! You can use it for lots of fried classic recipes and it can be adjusted for large batches of foods for big groups or parties!

Best keto batter recipe
Best keto batter recipe


  •         1 onion
  •         1 egg
  •         2 tbsp coconut flour
  •         2 tbsp grated Parmesan
  •         1/8 tsp garlic powder
  •         ¼ tsp parsley
  •         1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
  •         Salt
  •         ¼ c oil for frying


  1.       Heat oil in large saucepan over high heat.
  2.       Beat egg in shallow bowl.
  3.       Combine the flour, parmesan, garlic powder, parsley, cayenne and salt in a shallow dish.
  4.       Slice onion into rings about ½ inch thick and break up.
  5.       Add rings to the beaten egg and mix well.
  6.       Soak for one minute.
  7.       Dip into flour mix and coat well.
  8.       Drop carefully into hot oil.
  9.       Fry until golden and use tongs to flip over in the oil.
  10.       Put on paper plate lined with paper towel and let cool slightly.
  11.       Enjoy!

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These keto batter recipes can be mixed and matched to use with many different foods. They are so much healthier than regular batter recipes and you will love how light and crispy they get! You will not miss your old batter recipe for a second now that you have these recipes!

Best of all, what other diet out there would let you eat fried foods while you lost weight? These batter recipes are actually good for you and fit on a diet, which means that they do not have to be an occasional treat but can be eaten as part of your weekly round of recipes! Your family will love these recipes and ask you to make them again and again!

Enjoy these recipes for BBQs, potlucks or family get togethers. You will be so pleased that you don’t have to make a while separate meal just for you and no one will know that they are eating diet food! Being able to eat delicious foods while still losing weight is one of the best parts of being on the keto diet!

If you have been contemplating switching to the keto diet but have not been sure if it is the right diet for you, these keto batter recipes should convince you that it is the right way to go! There are so many yummy recipes like these that are allowed on the keto diet. You will be able to eat desserts, breakfasts and even delicious lunches, all while losing weight! Don’t wait another moment! Start eating keto and you will be eating healthier and losing weight all at the same time! Happy keto eating!